Here's some questions that have come up over time. I hope you find the answers useful. 

Q. Can you create a cartoon image on my child’s wall?                
A.  Sure. I’m able to accurately reproduce and scale images to fit the space. Big or small. Take a look at some ideas.

Q. I’d like to have some original wall art in my living room. But I’m not sure what will work. Can you help me decide?      
A. We can discuss your ideas, tastes and colours to help me come up with some ideas.

Q. Do I need to prepare anything?
A. You may need to shift a few personal/delicate items while I’m working but I will ensure that all carpets/flooring are protected.

Q. What are your working techniques?                                                                
A. For wall art, I use projection techniques. It's a fail-safe way of ensuring accuracy.

Q. Can you work to a deadline?                                                                        
A. Sure. There are certain designs that can be achieved in a day or two.

Q. Do you use graphic stickers?                                                                             
A. No. All the artwork is original and hand-painted to ensure it’s unique and personal. Get Bart or Winnie to 'say' want you want.

Q. What kind of materials do you use?                                                                
A. I only use high-grade, water-based, lead-free paints. They are safe and great quality. Only the best. I use high-grade canvasses and paints for my celebrity, sport's personality, band/artist, humour and tv/film art.

Q. How much does does it all cost?                                                                     
A. Like anything in life there are horses for courses! Prices vary depending on the complexity of the job. For wall art, prices start from £95 for one main drawing. (This doesn't include the cost of art materials and for any additional characters.) I will provide a detailed quote based on your specification. 
I always try to give a realistic and competitive price. It's probably more affordable than you think and I can work to your budget if it's realistic. 

Q. Can you create a picture of my favourite celebrity, band/artist or sports personality on canvas? 
A.  Absolutely. Take a look at my celebrity canvases to give you some inspiration. They make great pressies.

Q. Can I buy prints and gifts online?                                                                    
A. Yes - you sure can. Get in touch if you want a celebrity canvas or a bespoke piece and we can discuss the costs.
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