Bespoke commissions - how I work

  Got an idea?


  • If you have a specific idea for original hand-painted wall art - for example a cartoon character - I can create a faithful copy to any size and scale
  • If you’re looking for inspiration I can come up with ideas and help create something wonderful using colours and themes of your choice
  • Or you may want somewhere in between
  • Please take a look at a video of more of my work
  • Take a look at some FAQs for more information 




Making it happen


  1. We'll discuss what you’re looking to achieve
  2. If it's wall art, I like to see the space which helps me to visualise ideas or if it's an original canvass, we'll go through it 
  3. I'll sketch my ideas in rough & give you a firm quote and timeframe 
  4. You feedback on the roughs & approve the costs
  5. There's a 20% deposit to pay
  6. I do the job!
  7. You settle up with a final balance payment 


It's all pretty straightforward!

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